Cuban Rock Iguana Babies (Cyclura nubila)

Cuban Rock Iguana Babies (Cyclura nubila)

  • We have beautiful Cuban Rock Iguanas for sale at American Reptile Distributors! These are terrific pet Lizards that are suitable for collectors of all skill levels!
  • The Cuban Rock Iguana is one of the most intelligent species of Iguanas on Earth! These are extremely rare and one of the most sought out after Iguanas in the exotic reptile industry. They live along coastal areas with sandy, rocky beaches. They are notoriously known for their golden iris and red sclera. These Iguanas require hides that allow them to feel safe within their enclosure.
  • Species: Cyclura nubila
  • Origin: Captive Bred
  • Size: Approximately 15-16 inches.  Adults reaching up to 36-48 inches
  • Natural Range: West Indies
  • Food: Dark leafy greens and fruits
  • Lifespan: Up to 60 years in captivity with proper care and setup


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