Whip Scorpion (Damon variegatus)


Whip Scorpion (Damon variegatus)


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  • Description: Whip Scorpions are also known as tailless whip scorpions. They are a conspicuous group of bizarre, dorsoventrally flattened arachnids that are extremely agile. They became sought-after pets for invertebrate keepers following their notorious appearance on the show “Fear Factor”! They are harmless to humans and a phenomenal addition to any experienced keepers collection.
  • Species: Damon variegatus
  • Origin: Field Collected
  • Size: 1-3 inches
  • Natural Range: Native to the Congo, Western Tanzania,  Zimbabwe, and South Africa.
  • Food: Vitamin dusted crickets and Dubia roaches.
  • Lifespan: Up to 6-8 years in captivity with proper care.


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